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“Healing of Magic is a unique approach to occupational as it relates to all aspects we address as professionals.  As therapists, we look at the whole person and what better way than through the lens of magic to how each individual interacts with the activity.  Magic therapy is a new, non-traditional way to treat clients while still addressing traditional areas.”

Nathan Hertz, OTD, MBA, OTR/L
Georgia Health Sciences University, GA

“Using magic as a therapeutic modality empowers therapists with an exciting new tool to help clients achieve functional/measurable goals.”

Debbie M. Fisher, MS, OTR, CHT
Austin, TX

“I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the Healing of Magic course!  Kevin had everyone participating and enjoying the process.  We were so eager to take the information and put it to use immediately the next day.  We treat a wide variety of clients in our clinic and literally every patient learned a trick as a part of their session.  It was well received by the clients and they all comments on how well each trick we assigned them really did work on skills they needed to improve.  Your program absolutely make therapy more fun!”

Karen Smith, OTR
Somerville, NJ

“As a physical therapist for 30 years and an educator for many of those year, I am always excited to discover activities that easily engage patients in tasks that will allow them to achieve real successes.  I have found Healing of Magic to be made up of just such acitivites!”

Charity Johansson, PT, PhD, GCS
Elon University, NC

“Magic therapy is motivating – goal oriented for the client and can be used immediately within the therapist’s practice. HEALING OF MAGIC utilizes magic tricks as an effective modality with specific goals ranging from fine motor dexterity and cognition to perceptual skills.”

Ann Sherard Kelly, OTR/L, BCN
Durham, NC

 “The use of magic fosters an individual’s ability to assume a role to entertain and to have self-efficacy. The underlying concepts in magic target areas of motor, psychosocial, cognitive, and sensory processing [skills] that lend themselves well to intervention.  Magic gives pleasure by allowing the patient to entertain others.”

Carolyn Baum, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA
ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners (article published July 23, 2007)

“Kevin Spencer presented a HEALING OF MAGIC workshop at our facility. The program was very challenging and rewarding for our staff. Regardless of the tenure or experience, every staff person I spoke with came away with something new to try with a patient. The presentation emphasized the therapeutic nature of magic tricks and required the staff to think about situations in which the trick could be used with certain disabilities.

In the time since the presentation, I have witnessed several applications of the principles of the program in our various patient care settings with clients across a wide spectrum of ages.

HEALING OF MAGIC received very high ratings at our facility and was one of the most fun and educational programs I have attended in many years.”

Paul Kappla, Director of Rehab Services
Marshfield, WI

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